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Mangat Farm(Brigadier Gyan Singh Farm)

Welcome to Mangat Farms. We are a natural farm in Meerut, India, with end to end expertise in natural farming, including forest/plantation development, agriculture and supply of agricultural products, like food grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. We are currently managing 50+ acres. Our vision is to bring pristine, unadulterated and most healthy food products directly to the consumers. It takes us more than 5 decades to create a natural farm ecosystem - one that produces pure pulses, fruits from Guava to Apple, vegetables from tomatoes to pure Okra and Brinjals, herbs, medicinal plants and much more. It takes one visit to our farms and savoring of pristine foods to realize the health benefits of near organic grown foods. It takes us many years to create a sustainable eco system. Our vision is to create so many such eco-friendly farms over 50+ acres, so that we can bring the products to lakhs of families.


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Five decades providing numerous fruits, vegetables, herbs. We do cultivate near organic and low chemical used crops on our farm. We are situated within the municipal limits of the city yet away from the hustle and crowd. Shortly we'll be opening a farm stay. People have been visiting the farm for Bird watching and Nature walks.

  1. Various Types of Fruits
  2. Various Types of Vegetables
  3. Wheat / Rice

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